Topeka church holds candle light vigil for Charlottesville violence


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– National news has our community talking. A vigil was held Sunday night at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship church to sine a light to many when the world may seem dark.

People gathered to light a candle of solidarity for the people of Charlottesville.

Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia violence filled the streets. Counter protesters to a white Nationalist group created turmoil causing a deadly crash.

Killing at least one woman and sending 26 others to the hospital.

“I really feel for that mother of the young woman. 32…32 and willing to stand up for what she believed in and lost her life,” Reverend of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan said. 

“We’re tired of all the chaos going on,” Oshara Meesha said.

Lighting these candles in Topeka was a symbol of love and hope for many people.

“Love is the ultimate force of the universe and if we can all unite in together in love then we can stand against hate groups that would have us divided,” Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Board President, Mary Akerstorm said.

“We want our community to have a moment to think about what’s our stake in this and how can we be responsible and how can we respond?” Oglesby-Dunegan said. “How can we reach out to our communities and speak out for the right thing.”

Both parking lots were filled at the church and several people were able to share their thoughts. One woman even drove two hours to attend.

“My biggest fear is that I am going to let anger take over me,” she said.

People at the candle light said it is a safe place for them to share their emotions and show support for the people of Charlottesville.

The vigil was organized this morning and almost every seat was filled.

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