TOPEKA (KSNT)- The Topeka City Council is looking to fill the seat of the District 9 Council Member after former councilman Mike Lesser resigned last month.

Dec. 13 is the day where one of the five candidates will be sworn into the seat as the District 9 Council member. But for filling this seat this year, current council members are appointing one of them.

However, the candidates say, no matter what the process looks like, they are looking to help serve the city as best as they can.

Janel Johnson, an applicant for District 9 council person, sat on the 501 School Board for 12 years. She thinks that serving her community in that capacity has gotten her ready to handle this bigger role.

“Just the opportunity to be in the community, hear from constituents, hear from families and students,” Johnson said. “But also, just see some of the needs. And of course, I’ve been a lifelong Topekan, so that brings yet another perspective that I think is valuable in this position.”

Michelle Hoferer, an applicant for District 9 council person, has seen two friends previously hold this seat- and now thinks the time is right for her to try her hand at it. She has helped the council in many ways before, so she thinks it would be an easy adjustment.

“Because I’ve been on the planning commission and redistricting commission, I have some background that I know some things that not everyone has been exposed to,” Hoferer said. “So, going in, I wouldn’t be starting having to learn everything, I’d have an idea of quite a bit of what’s going on already. ”

Michaela Saunders, an applicant for District 9 council person, is pleased with the positive steps Topeka is taking to make itself better. She sees this as something important and wants district 9 to care about it as much as she does.

”I really think this is an important time for Topeka because of a lot of things that have sort of been in the works and there’s a lot of positive momentum,” Saunders said. “I want to make sure that whoever represents the district where I live in is really paying attention and engaged in sort of that work.

For Nicholas Trammell, an applicant for District 9 council person, he is excited to see this process run its course, so the seat doesn’t stay vacant for long

“People who wouldn’t go through the process of running otherwise are putting their hats in the ring. It costs less, it doesn’t take as much, and they’re not knocking on doors and all these things,” Trammell said. “So, we get to see a different type of candidate, I think then we would or will maybe in three to four years when that comes up for re-election.”

Joe Cheray is the fifth candidate the council is considering.

The candidates will be interviewed on Dec. 6, and the candidate that is selected will serve a four-year term. The candidates applications are open to the public; click here, then click “applications received”.