Topeka City Council to decide on which groups receive grant money


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – LULAC Senior Service Centers provides senior citizens with activities and care during the day. For a lot of these people, this might be the only time they are able to get out of the house.

“We do lots of activities that strengthen the mind, the body, exercise programs,” said Executive Director Kathy Votaw.

Next year, 15% of their budget could be cut because they might not receive a $25,000 grant from the city.

Council Member Jeff Coen says while it’s a tough choice, a survey determines other groups have a stronger need.

“If they were supposed to meet certain deliverables, serve a certain number of people and they didn’t reach that number, it would affect their scores,” said Coen.

Since LULAC isn’t set to get the grant next year, they have to come up with a way to keep the activities going.

“To not get funded for those services, is truly truly going to be detrimental. we are going to cut programs, we are going to have to look at revisiting our budget,” said Votaw.

LULAC joins five other groups the city says applied for money, and probably won’t get it.

They include:

  • Community Action Latino Family Development
  • East Topeka Council on Aging
  • Midland Care
  • Papan’s Landing
  • Sole reason

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