Topeka City Council votes on 2020 social service grant applications

Topeka city council agrees on 17 percent raise for water division employees

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Topeka City Council voted on the 2020 Social Services Grant allocation recommendations, choosing to pass the recommendations made by the Social Service Council.

This vote determined which local service groups would receive grant funding for the upcoming year.

After spending multiple meetings debating the allocation of funding, the council voted to only give certain groups grant money.

They decided to look for money in the City budget to fund the remaining groups. City Manager, Brent Trout, noted during the meeting that he will be looking for $40,000 in the budget to give each of the programs $10,000. If the $40,000 cannot be found, the money available in the budget will be split equally between the groups.

The programs going without full grant funding include the following:

  • Papan’s Landing Senior Center
  • Sole Reason
  • Community Action
  • East Topeka Council on Aging

A number of councilmen and women and Mayor Michelle De La Isla called for the reform of this process before next year’s grant applications occur.

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