Topeka couple loses 220 pounds combined by NOT dieting


Ruth and Carl York from Topeka, want to lose weight, but they don’t want to deprive themselves from eating their favorite foods. 

“I am a meat and potato, you deep fry it and I am going to love it!” said Carl.   

But both are living with health conditions, and want to live healthier lives. 

“I am a type 2 diabetic. I was at the point where I was told by my doctor, I was going to have to go on insulin if I didn’t loose weight,” said Carl. 

So Carl sought out Stephanie Sisk, a nurse practitioner at Stormont Vail who works with people to develop healthy eating habits.

Carl says, “She basically had me hooked with the very first sentence. She said I am not going to put you on a diet.” 

Stephanie told Carl, if you go on a diet, at some point you’re also going to get off the diet. 

“We have to do what we can sustain. So while you’re losing weight, you have to do that the rest of your life. And you have to ask yourself, can I do this forever?” said Sisk. 

Instead she says, the trick to losing weight, and keeping it off, is avoiding diets and changing your lifestyle.

Sisk said people try to set small goals, and give different skills that will be life long.

“How to combat cravings or tips for getting out and being more active and finding things you love doing. So it actually becomes a part of your life, and it’s not something you do for 4 weeks and burn out.”

She also recommends drinking lots of water, manipulating your plate to avoid too many carbs, find an exercise you enjoy doing, and keeping a food diary to monitor your individual eating habits.

“We decided ok, we’re going to download the (food tracking) apps on our phones, and see how many calories we should be taking in, rather than how many we have been taking in. It really was an eye opener. It was re-learning how to eat. We are eating the same foods as we have in the past, but now we’re making smarter choices,” said Ruth.  

Since July of 2016, Carl has lost 130 pounds and Ruth has lost 95 pounds.  They says they’re feeling happier and healthier everyday. 

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