The family of a Topeka woman who died in a fire two years ago is the suing security company ADT.

Elizabeth Frost died after a fire swept through her home in August of 2016. On Wednesday, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her son.

Her father, Chuck Frost says that while it’s been hard, he and his family have come to terms with what happened.

“She’ll never see her son grow up and graduate, get married, have a family of his own, so you know, that’s a tragedy,” said Frost.

Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Frost says he hopes that some change will come out of it.

“If we can get protection one who is now ADT, if we can get them to change how they do one thing, we would be so happy,” said Frost.

The lawsuit claims that ADT received two alarms notifying them of the fire, but failed to alert officers and cleared the incident before city responders noticed and arrived on the scene. 

Andrea Quarterman with JC Security Systems says that while security systems are meant to keep us safe, mistakes and malfunctions can still happen.

“I mean as with anything, everything is made, everything is ran by computers and people and at any time, there can be malfunctions, there can be miscommunications,” said Quarterman.

Frost says the lawsuit has brought back some painful memories, but he and his family hope that they can prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone else.