Topeka flag could be adopted in coming months, City Manager says

NEW TOPEKA FLAG_1555604721449.jpg.jpg

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The new flag chosen for the City of Topeka could become official in the next couple of months.

The sunflower design beat out three other finalists when over 4,000 people voted for the new design to be the city’s new flag.

The city council has not officially adopted the new design yet, months after the flag was chosen.

At Mayor Michelle De La Isla’s monthly press conference, City Manager Brent Trout spoke about the status of the flag.

Trout said that because of the community’s excitement about the new design he expects it to happen soon. He also said there are still some people connected to the history of the current flag who need convincing.

“The new flag has the same type of purpose,” Trout said. “It’s trying to still tell the story of Topeka and what we’re about, but in a more modern way. And I think getting those that are doubters that it’s appropriate to change our flag from what we had designed in 1972 or 1973 I think it was.”

Trout said he expects the flag to become official by September or October.

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