Topeka furniture store and organization partnering to donate mattresses this Christmas season


A Topeka business and a local charity are partnering together for an annual holiday donation. On Dec. 15, the Salvation Army and Slumberland are making holiday dreams come true, with a mattress.

For the past three Christmas’, Slumberland and the Topeka Salvation Army have donated brand new mattresses to people in the community, all for a Christmas miracle.

For people like Maria Nelson, a mattress is a gift she could only dream of for her son. Because of the hefty price of a bed, the mattress donation was the only way to keep her son off the floor.

“You don’t want your kids to just have the bare minimum,” said Nelson. “I don’t want him to just have a mattress on the floor. You want your child to have the best, you know. So this is a way for me to give my child something that I, otherwise, would not be able to.”

For more than 20 years, Slumberland has donated new beds and box springs to people in need through their 40 Winks Foundation. A different kind of Christmas donation from coats and gloves.

“We’re not in the clothes business,” said Tim Jackson, Slumberland manager. “We’re in the mattress and furniture business. So, one of the things that we found over the years is there’s a lot of children that are sleeping on the floor. We try to get kids off the floor. We do that year round.”

Three years ago, the Topeka Slumberland partnered with the Topeka Salvation Army to bring beds to anyone in the community during the holiday season.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, yes,” said Leeann Burkett from the Topeka Salvation Army. “Christmas is not just about receiving the gift, it’s about people giving. And when you give even just your time, your talent, a bed, it means just as much to the person receiving it.”

A single mattress. An unexpected gift, changing someone’s Christmas

If you are interested in donating or partnering with the 40 Winks Foundation, click here.

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