Topeka Haunted Woods will give visitors thrills and chills throughout October


TOPEKA, KS – This October, Shawnee County will have a new headquarters for thrills and chills, Topeka Haunted Woods. The new Halloween event will be open every Friday and Saturday evening in October. Designed for teens and adults, the centerpiece of the attraction is a half-mile haunted hike through the trails of Forest Park. The event will also feature three escape rooms and zombie laser tag games.

“We’re delighted to bring a new Halloween experience to Topekans,” Event Manager Mark Arganbright said. “Halloween is America’s second most popular holiday based on decorating and participation. Our goal is to give folks a wonderfully scary event to celebrate the season. In turn, this is a fundraiser for Forest Park and the local Boy Scout Council.”

The haunted hike is described as “Topeka’s terrifying trail” and winds through a portion of the 45 acres of natural woods on the Forest Park site. Parties of 15 attendees will be guided along the trail, with a new group leaving the home base every five minutes. Planning and construction of the scares began in September under the supervision of Jinxed Productions, a firm that specializes in haunted house design.

Topeka Haunted Woods will also feature three different escape room experiences. Escape rooms are a new popular form of game. Groups of players enter a locked room and must solve puzzles and challenges to escape before time runs out. Keynundrum, a Topeka company that runs escape room events, is designing the puzzles for Topeka Haunted Woods. The event also features Zombie Laser Tag sessions in which participants must make it through zombie infested buildings with only infrared laser tag guns for defense.

Advance tickets are available from local boy scouts and at the attraction’s website, “Each scout troop has a promo code that ticket buyers can use on our website. When you buy tickets and enter the troop’s promo code, they receive a portion of the proceeds,” Arganbright said. “The remainder of the profits benefit the charitable programs of Forest Park. They will help pay for needed infrastructure improvements, park programming, and our Summer Day Camp which feeds about 80 children for 3 weeks each summer.”

Forest Park Conference and Retreat Center features 45 acres of woods tucked quietly away in Topeka just off Interstate 70 and Deer Creek Trafficway. The non-profit charitable organization has a variety of buildings and event structures. The facility hosts many activities including weddings, corporate retreats, summer camps, and scouting events.

The haunting is just getting started! Learn more by visiting Topeka Haunted Woods online at, on Facebook ( and following @thehauntedwoods on Twitter (.

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