Topeka man accused of performing autopsies illegally


A Topeka man who performed private autopsies faces years in prison. 

Shawn Parcells was charged with three counts of theft and three counts of criminal desecration in Wabaunsee County.

Parcells operates National Autopsy Services headquartered in downtown Topeka. 

Parcells gained national attention after assisting in the autopsy of Michael Brown, a black man shot by a white police office in Ferguson, Missouri. 
But soon after that autopsy, Parcells‘ work and qualifications were called into question by CNN. 
He told them that he was a professor at Washburn.

However, Washburn Public Relations Director Patrick Early said in a statement that Parcells never worked for the university.

He did make some presentations to a couple of groups of nursing students at one time about the role of a pathologist’s assistant, said Early. But, he did not receive any pay for those presentations.

This isn’t the first time he’s faced allegations of misconduct.

He’s accused of not returning remains to families after autopsies and illegally performing autopsies without a pathologist present.

Kansas law says autopsies can only be done with the authorization of a doctor or surgeon.

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