Topeka man goes back to college after retirement


Michael Jackson is taking a full course load at Washburn University but he isn’t an ordinary college student.

He’s not earning a grade and he’s not earning a degree. He already did that several decades ago.

Jackson is a retired physician who, until recently, lived a busy life. 

“We had four kids, we moved to different places,” said Jackson “I did obstetrics and I delivered babies all hours (and) weekends.”

Now in retirement, Jackson finds his joy among students at Washburn University. 

Jackson has been auditing courses every semester since the spring of 2015. Washburn allows people over 60 to audit courses at no cost. 

“It’s beautiful to be able to calm down and enjoy the company of my wife and to go back and learn things that I didn’t take the opportunity to do in college,” said Jackson. 

Jackson said the classes keep his mind and body active but he realizes that going back to college isn’t for everyone. 

‘It’s somewhat (about) personality,” said Jackson. ”My wife will never stop working, and I will probably never stop going to school.”

Visit here to learn more about Washburn’s Over 60 Audit Program

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