Topeka man helps stranger in cold


On Tuesday, John Free sprang into action when he found out a man was on the ground outside in the frigid weather. 

The man was in the alley behind 6th Street Retail Liquor in Topeka.

“He was not being responsive, he wasn’t making any noises, I kept saying hey, hey, hey,” said John.

He put a blanket around him and when he noticed he wasn’t breathing he started CPR. Seconds later the man became responsive.

The man told John his name was Mitchell. John stayed with him until an ambulance arrived.

He credits his training as an Eagle Scout for learning CPR and knowing how to save a stranger’s life.

“We should be looking out for each other, we should be helping each other and I hope somebody comes along someday where I need that help and they’re there for me,” said John.

He hopes that by sharing his story it will inspire others to learn CPR and he hopes the man he saved sees this story because he has a message for him.

“Mitchell, you got a second chance at life, you did, and I hope you use that and you do something with yourself.”

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