Topeka physician explains how to get over vaccine hesitancy


TOPEKA (KSNT) – Health officials are encouraging more people to get the COVID vaccine as Delta variant cases continue to increase across the state.

Only 53 percent of people in Shawnee County have gotten the vaccine and there are currently 57 hospitalizations among local hospitals. A doctor at Oasis Family Medicine in Topeka, Dr. Jennifer Harader, presents straightforward facts to her patients to help ease vaccine hesitancy and make them feel more comfortable.

“You know we know there’s a lot of information out there,” Dr. Harader said. “So we ask what is the specific question that they have or concern they have and then we really try to address that directly with evidence-based information.”

She said the scientific method is happening in front of our eyes because we have been able to watch how COVID evolves. This includes analyzing people who are already vaccinated.

“What we are telling people who are previously on the fence and now ready to go for it— we have now given millions of doses of this vaccine and we have lots of safety data now to say six and seven months later people are doing very well with it,” Dr. Harader said.

She also stresses the small number of side effects reported with the vaccines in conjunction with what has been observed over the past several months.

“We have always been able to discover the side effects within a six to eight-week time period after those vaccines come out,” Dr. Harader said.

She agrees with health experts across the nation that the vaccine is safe and said it is the key to returning to normalcy.

Dr. Harader encourages people who are hesitant to reach out to a trusted health official and ask questions.

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