Topeka popcorn store popping new mix to celebrate Chiefs


A Topeka store is popping in the Chiefs spirit, making a special mix for the game.

Cashmere Popcorn in downtown made a red and yellow mix in honor of the Chiefs. The owner of the store said the popcorn flavor is a mix of cherry and lemon.

She came up with the popcorn mix, as well as the bag design, to celebrate the success the team has had this season.

“This is a journey,” said owner Angie Anderson. “The Chiefs are worth being celebrated. This year they’ve had a phenomenal year, have some phenomenal players. So, I’m saying go Chiefs.”

The mix is a limited addition. But, if they win Sunday’s game, the owner said the shop will keep making it.

The store is open tomorrow, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but closed on Sunday.

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