Topeka Public Library remembering the Holocaust with local author


Topeka is remembering and honoring people who lost their lives, or survived the Holocaust.

The Topeka Public Library is honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day with a reading from Topeka author Nancy Geise.

Geise wrote a book telling the story of 98-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein. Geise said almost two-thirds of millinials barely know about the Holocaust. She said even though the war happened more than 70-years-ago, we should keep the memory alive.

“It’s been said that the cure to cancer may have well gone up in smoke in the crematoriums of the Holocaust,” Geise said. “Because there’s no way to measure the impact of what even one of those people would have gone on to do, create, invent and save. So it’s immeasurable. We could never forget the lessons of the Holocaust.”

Geise said Joe Rubinstein is still alive, living in Colorado. Geise said even though his story about the camps is horrific, it motivates him to stay positive and happy every day.

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