Topeka Public Schools celebrates National School Social Work Week

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With social media and personal issues at home, kids can have a lot of pressures on them and school social workers often step in to help. 

This week, Topeka Public Schools is showing their appreciation.

At Quincy Elementary, Leslie Carr visits with her chess team as well as checks up on students to see how they are doing.

“We evaluate kids who we suspect need some additional support in the classroom,” said Carr. “We work on suicide prevention efforts so helping kids who might want to hurt themselves.”

Carr has to deal with some pretty serious issues with students, but that is the job of a school social worker.

For Carr, it is all worth it to be there for her students.

She says with the growing need for social workers everywhere, it is important to be there for students and faculty.

“When they’re facing huge adversity they’re still able to come together and be a family,” said Carr. 

“That makes everything worth it, even though the job is hard, it’s incredible, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

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