Topeka school closures won’t mean extra days at the end of the year


Topeka Public Schools will be closed Thursday because of the forecasted icy road conditions. The district has already had to cancel school a few times this year because the weather.

A spokeswoman said the closures won’t be a problem and their main concern is keeping kids safe. 

501 schools spokeswoman Misty Kruger said they look at a lot of things when deciding whether to cancel school.

“Kids walking to school, what are the road conditions going to be like in the morning for parents who are transporting their kids, as well as kids who are waiting at bus stops,” Kruger said. 

The district has time built into their calendar to make up for the days they have to cancel.

“As of right now, we’re still on track with our number of days,” Kruger said.

Even if there are more closures, there are options to keep from having to add make up days at the end of the year. 

“We have staff development days, so is there an opportunity to just take one of those days that’s already earmarked for kids to be off, and just go ahead and have school that day?” Kruger said.

A parent of a 4th grader at Meadows Elementary said even if days do have to be added at the end of the year, she wouldn’t  mind.

“I think safety comes first, and if they have to stay in school longer, they have to stay in school longer,” parent Kristy Shatto said. “I’m sure that they won’t like that, but as parents we want our kids to be safe.” 

Misty Kruger said they monitor the road conditions closely when they make these decisions. She said they even had staff driving around at 3:30 Wednesday morning to make sure it was safe for kids to get to school.

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