Topeka taxpayers disagree over city plowing neighborhoods


Snow is piling up on city roads and the City of Topeka has a plan to clear it all up, but they may not be hitting your neighborhood anytime soon.

City crews only plow neighborhood streets when the city manager makes that call. Their priority is to get main roads and emergency routes cleared first. Crews will be working 12 hour shifts on Tuesday night to do that. 

The decision about if they’ll plow neighborhood streets is made on a storm-by-storm basis.

City manager Brent Trout said the last time workers plowed neighborhood roads it cost them around $71,000. While taxpayers like Ashley Lehman think it’s worth it, others like D.J. Parr don’t. 

“I mean to keep the roads clear, yeah. I mean people are going to go out in it anyways, so might as well make it safe when people are traveling,” Lehman said. 

I’m not that worried about it. I mean it’s snow it’s slick, it’s ice. Everybody knows it’s slick, just drive reasonably,” Parr said. “I mean I get it. If the snow is really thick, really deep I could see it. But, like if you get a couple of inches, I’m not that worried about it.” 

The city said once main roads and side roads are clear, the city manager will evaluate whether or not they’ll be clearing residential streets.

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