Topeka to treat primary routes before residential roads


The snow has mostly melted on residential roads around Topeka from the last snowfall but it’s largely due to the sunshine on Monday, not pre-treatment.

The issue of whether side streets will be plowed is one KSNT News has been following closely.

City manager Brent Trout spoke about their strategy in the city’s monthly news conference on Tuesday.

Residential roads are plowed on a storm by storm basis.

Trout says city workers spent five hours on residential roads this past weekend.

But the city did not plow whole neighborhoods. Trout said they went straight to more popularly used roads.

To clear all side streets moving forward, Trout said they would need a lot of new equipment.

“We’re analyzing what type of equipment would be needed,” said Trout. “Does it make more sense to contract?

The snowfall on Tuesday night is expected to automatically stick on these side roads compared to major city roads because they have not been pretreated. 

“It has been an abnormal winter,” said Trout. “As we look at what we can expect year to year, we don’t expect five major snow events in a year.” 

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