Topeka woman uses cancer survival to motivate others


A Topeka woman is making her way into the Topeka business scene with her new gym, Resilience Training. But like all businesses, opening her gym wasn’t easy.

Holly Torrez, the gym’s owner, was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2017, putting her through brain surgeries and treatments, still to this day. But now, she’s fighting through her own pain to motivate others in the gym every day.

“When someone tells you that your life is on the line, really, nothing else past that matters,” said Torrez. “This is my second chance. And I want to give back to people what was given to me.”

Holly wakes up every morning with chronic headaches because of the cancerous tumor and head traumas. But it just motivates her to be the best trainer she can.

Holly had a glioblastoma tumor removed in 2018. While the cancer is gone, she continues chemo. She said her migraines haven’t gone away. But still, it doesn’t stop her from making her clients better every day.

“She doesn’t tell people about how sick she feels sometimes, or how horrible she feels,” said one of Torrez’s clients, Maria Cortez. “She just comes and does her job and make you do your job. And you work really hard. But you don’t want to always be that person with cancer. So, she finds a way to not make it be her thing.”

Although cancer put Torrez through hard times, she’s using it to motivate others to get in shape.

“I’ve been through a lot,” Torrez said. It’s not about the cancer or my brain traumas. It’s about them. This is where God wants me. And this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

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