Topeka Zoo had measures in place to control tiger


According to staff at the Topeka Zoo, the zookeeper that was attacked this weekend has spent years working with the Sumatran tiger. They said this could have played a roll in her rescue.

After the tiger attacked the zookeeper, it took 10 minutes to get the animal out of the enclosure.

The staff was able to call the tiger by his name, Sanjiv, and lure him with food.

Brendan Wiley, the director of the zoo, says that they had other plans of action if those failed.

“At the same time our animal care staff was here diffusing the situation, getting the tiger inside a secure location, our veterinary staff is preparing syringes with tranquilizers ready to deploy here if needed to tranquilize the tiger,” said Wiley.

The zoo also keeps shotguns and rifles on hand to ensure the safety of zoo-goers. Wiley said they’re five to seven staff members that are trained to use them in a worst-case scenario. 

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