Tow truck driver warns of dangers while helping stranded drivers


The snow covered roads have many people salvaging their cars from ditches across the area.

Tye Robertson has worked for S and J Tow and Recovery for more than 3 years.

He pulls cars out of ditches that have slipped on the ice and he’s had some close calls while on the job.

“You know we’ll feel cars wisp past our jackets and everything else. If you are tow operator, DOT worker, law enforcement unfortunately we have to deal with it every day,” said Robertson.

Laurie Arellano with the Kansas Department of Transportation also urges drivers to watch out for workers.

“We just ask please give us some room and we’ll get that treatment done, get off the roads so you can get where you want to go,” said Arellano.

Robertson said he takes extra precautions while on the side of the road. He uses extra lights to set up to let drivers know he’s there.

“We have families at home you know. Every single one of us wants to get home our family at the end of the day. We are putting our lives on the lines to make sure road ways are clear and to make sure people are getting home to their families too,” said Robertson.

Roberston says the best thing you can do to help keep workers safe is to take it slow and give those workers plenty of space.

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