TOPEKA (KSNT) – The City of Topeka has announced 27 new construction projects taking place throughout 2022 as part of another “Fix Our Streets” initiative.

Thirteen reconstruction projects and 14 street rehabilitation, repair or mill and overlay projects will take place throughout the construction season starting in March and ending in November, according to a city spokesperson. City work crews will repair, replace or build new infrastructure during this period, including constructing new sidewalks in areas where they haven’t existed in the past. Many of these projects are funded by the citywide half-cent sales tax.

Here is a list of major street projects for 2022 along with the estimated dates that they will be taking place:

  • NW Tyler St. – NW Lyman Rd. to NW Beverly St.
    • This is the reconstruction of NW Tyler St. between NW Lyman Rd. and NW Beverly St. The new street will remain two lanes but include curb and gutter, a sidewalk on the west side and an underground storm water drainage system instead of open ditches.
    • Construction Dates: March 21 – Nov. 18.
  • NW Tyler – Lyman to US 24
    • This project includes subbase repairs in various locations and a mill and overlay. This project will be coordinated with the NW Tyler – Lyman to Beverly project and KDOT’s highway 24 and Tyler-Rochester Rd. intersection project also planned for this year.
    • Construction Dates: TBD
  • SE California Ave. – SE 37th St. to SE 45th St.
    • This project will be widening SE California Ave. between SE 37th St. and SE 45th St. The new road will be a three lane section and will include a curb and gutter, a sidewalk, a shared use path, street lighting and an underground storm water drainage system instead of open ditches.
    • Construction Dates: On or after Feb. 28 – Dec. 9.
  • SW 17th – I-470 Bridge to SW Wanamaker Rd. and SW Westport Dr. – 17th to Wanamaker
    • This project will include the complete removal and replacement of pavement, including concrete curb and gutter, on SW 17th St. from Wanamaker Rd. to the I-470 overpass and on SW Westport Dr. from 17th St. to Wanamaker Rd.
    • Construction Dates: Late spring through fall.
  • SW Gage Blvd. from Emland Dr. to 6th St.
    • This project will include curb repair, joint repair, ADA sidewalk repair, a mill and overlay and restriping.
    • Construction Dates: After school is out – between June 1 and about Aug. 15.
  • SW 12th St. – Gage Blvd. to S. Kansas Ave.
    • The new road will include one traffic lane, one auxiliary lane for on-street parking, deliveries and bus pullouts, and a shared use paths, on-street bike facilities and a 5′ sidewalk.
    • Construction Dates: Jan. 1 to the end of November.
  • SE Quincy – 6th to 8th
    • This project includes street improvements such as a mill and overlay and removal and replacement of curb and gutter as needed. The waterline and street construction work are being coordinated with a new traffic improvement project on SE Quincy between 6th and 8th street. The improvements are expected to include new lane configurations, new bulb-outs and removal of the traffic signal at 7th St. which is to be replaced with a pedestrian beacon.
    • Construction Dates: Summer of 2022 to spring 2023.

The following major street projects have been carried over from the 2021 construction season:

  • SW 30th/SW Hillcrest/SW Twilight/SW Eveningside
    • This project includes extensive curb work, some full depth asphalt patching and a mill and overlay.
    • Construction Dates: Started in fall 2021, to be completed in spring 2022.
  • N. Kansas Ave. – Morse to Soldier St.
    • This project includes complete removal and replacement of the street surface, a new water line and some new sidewalk and storm water system improvements.
    • Construction Dates: Early spring 2022.
  • SE 6th St. – Shunga Creek Bridge Deck
    • Concrete repairs were made to the bridge in the fall of 2021. This G.O. Bonded project was halted until it was warm enough for the polymer deck sealant to be applied.
    • Construction Dates: Early spring.

Here is a list of 2022 reconstruction projects that are $500,000 or less:

  • SE Carnahan Ave. – I-70 to 21st St.
    • This will include the removal and replacement of the asphalt surface as well as subbase reconstruction
  • Access Drive – SW Knollwood Dr. to 28th St. and west of Washburn Ave.
    • This project will include the removal and replacement of the asphalt street.
  • SW Kent Pl. – street and cul-de-sac north of SW 10th Ave.
    • This project includes the removal and replacement of the asphalt street, including the cul-de-sac.

Here is a list of pavement repair projects for 2022:

  • SW 6th Ave. – Oakley Ave. to MacVicar Ave.
    • This project includes concrete pavement joint repair and possible panel replacements on SW 6th Ave. from SW Oakley Ave. to SW MacVicar Ave.
    • Construction Dates: TBD
  • SE California at I-70 – north end of bridge
    • This will include the replacement of the median on California just north of the bridge as well as several deteriorated concrete panels in the California/I-70 on-and-off ramps intersection.
    • Construction Dates: TBD
  • SE Golden Ave. – I-70 to SE 21st St.
    • This project includes reconstructing the edges of the road plus a mill and overlay.
    • Construction Dates: TBD
  • SW 29th St. – Indian Hills to Gage
    • SW 29th St. has many partial depth concrete patches between SW Indian Trail and SW Gage Blvd. Many of these partial depth patches are failing. This project will include the removal of the failed partial depth patches and replace them with full depth repairs. \
    • Construction Dates: TBD

To see the full list of projects and additional details on them, click here.