Triplets from Topeka West celebrate graduation

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TOPEKA, Kan – Graduation for the class of 2020 was unique this year, but that was always going to be the case for the Rambergs of Topeka West high school.

“You go all your life hearing Ramberg three times, and then your graduation, you don’t get to hear it called three times,” Emma Ramberg said.

Digital graduation was tough on them, just like everyone else, but there are some things they won’t miss from high school.

“We get called the wrong name all the time, and even if you call one name we’ll all look up, every time,” Robert Ramberg joked.

“We’ve had teachers where they don’t know those two apart and so they’ll just yell out a name and hope one of them answers,” Emma added.

Raising triplets may seem like a lot but their parents just looked at it like having three kids

“We’d go to the zoo regularly, we’d go out regularly and do things and they’ all just kinda followed along behind me. They’ve been going to KU games since they were since months old,” their mom Debbie Ramberg said.

The Hawks are their squad, but they’ve always worked as a team.

“I’m loved listening to them do their homework together, and it wasn’t that they were giving each other answers, they were debating and discussing and things like that and that’s what I really enjoyed,” Debbie reminisced.

They’ve all found their independence through high school, but as they separate for college, there is one thing they’ll miss

“I think the best part is no matter where we went we always had someone that we know, so we always had each other’s back,” Emma said.

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