OLATHE, Kan. — A Kansas City-area bridge claimed another vehicle victim, but it’s not the one with a reputation for destruction.

On Wednesday morning, a driver tried to make it under the bridge over Spruce Street in Olathe, Kansas, but the bridge had other plans.

A picture snapped by the Olathe Police Department shows the bridge sheared off the top of the truck. At one point, the section hung from the side of the low bridge. The truck also took out a street sign and pole next to the bridge during the crash.

Olathe police said no one was injured in the crash, and the bridge wasn’t damaged, but that couldn’t be said about the truck, which suffered severe damage.

Police closed a section of Spruce Street until crews cleaned up the crash.

Clearance for the Olathe bridge is 11 feet, 3 inches, which is lower than Kansas City’s Independence Avenue Bridge at 12 feet.

The Independence Avenue Bridge is known for destroying trucks that are too tall, but still try to pass under the bridge.