KDOL: Web site is down. Here’s what to expect.

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)— The Kansas Department of Labor confirmed on Friday that their web site is shut down, after experiencing technical issues.

Jerry Grasso, a spokesperson for the department told Kansas’ Capitol Bureau the following in an email:

“As you know, with an antiquated system, it sometimes does not perform properly and we must bring the system down and then bring it back up. We apologize to claimants for the inconvenience. They can still call in and ask general questions at this time, but not specifically about their claims. As soon as it is back up we will let claimants know on the webpage and on social media.”

Kansas Department of Labor

According to the department, The GetKansasBenefits web site is down, after a component of the mainframe was not performing properly. The department is working on rebooting it.

The department stated that they are planning on having the web site back up later on Friday.

“Has to run it through the reboot process, there is not set time on this, but if no issues later today,” Grasso stated.

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