TOPEKA, (KSNT) — After days of being shut down due to technical difficulties and maintenance the Kansas Department of Labor’s website is back up.

A spokesperson for the state’s labor department told KSNT News’ Capitol Bureau that the website for Get-Kansas-Benefits and the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance came back online Thursday morning. However, claimants can expect delays for several programs that are expected to be caught up within the next week.

“Any Unemployment Insurance benefits that have been delayed will be caught up in upcoming benefit payouts this week and next.  We anticipate all regular and PEUC UI claimants will have their UI benefits deposited into their bank account or loaded onto their debit card within the next 5-7 days. PUA recipients may experience further delays.”


This comes as some claimants have been frustrated with having to wait for new debit cards issued by the department after it switched providers to U.S. Bank. Some claimants are experiencing delays from one to two weeks to receive cards they signed up for well in advance. The department said for claimants that are still waiting to receive a debit card in the mail, it will come with benefit payments pre-loaded, most likely within the next week.

The spokesperson said the department is encouraging claimants to do the following before calling the KDOL Call Center:

1. To check the status of a debit card, click here.

2. If a claimant is unable to locate the status of their card, they can log into their GetKansasBenfits account and make sure they accepted the disclosures in the “Payment Options” tab.

3. Make sure the address on file is the most current one the department has.