UPDATE: Walk-in accident reporting phase ends

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This ended at 11 pm on Monday night.  When this goes into effect the following happens:

The Topeka Police Department is implementing the walk-in accident reporting phase this evening, in which they will only respond to and investigate accidents that fall under the following parameters:

  • Injury, possible injury or death to any person.
  • Possible impairment of a driver due to drugs or alcohol.
  • Hit-and-run incidents.
  •  Incidents where there is a disturbance between the parties involved.
  • Any hazardous material situation.
  • When the accident results in major traffic congestion.
  • When there is damage to a vehicle to the extent that towing is required.

If the situation does not fall under those parameters, all other drivers involved in accidents are encouraged to exchange insurance, registration and contact information and call the Topeka Police Department at (785) 368-9200 or come down to the Law Enforcement Center to report incidents.

TPD also stressed that Kansas law requires drivers to have their headlights on when their wipers are in continuous use as a result of rain, sleet or snow, and to slow down and drive carefully.

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