Veto looms as tax bill heads to Gov. Kelly


The Kansas Senate voted to approve a new tax plan on Thursday.

The new plan would adjust state taxes after the federal tax code changed. Now it’s up to the governor to decide whether make it law.

“We really do not know what our bottom line will be and we’ve got to let the dust settle until we can figure that out and then we can have conversations about reworking the taxes,” said Gov. Kelly.

Some lawmakers don’t see it that way.

“I understand why she would want to let things settle but she’s coming in with a $900 million surplus,” said Kansas City Sen. Kevin Braun.

He said if the governor vetoes the plan it will hurt the state.

“If we don’t do this in the next 6 months to a year, all the states around us is where that money is going to land, and they’ll have the ability. Our taxes in this state will go up on individuals, taxes everywhere will go down,” said Sen. Braun.

But 14 other senators voted against the bill.

“We need to move cautiously at this point and time, we are still recovering from the devastation that the
Brownback tax cuts of 2012 caused,” said Sen. Vic Miller.

Neither the House nor the Senate have a two thirds vote majority, meaning they would not currently override a veto.

The governor could soon have another big piece of legislation as well in the education funding plan. It now heads to the House after senators passed it on Thursday.

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