TOPEKA (KSNT) — A local nonprofit is out mowing people’s yards, and they’re doing it for free.

For some, getting out to do yardwork can be a difficult task. But for Omni Circle Group, mowing lawns is just another form of service.

“Currently right now the mowing service is a need that’s out there where people are not able to mow their lawns, so we are doing a free service to actually get out there and help them do so,” said Jermel Walker, Director of Volunteer Services for Omni Circle Group. “But not only just helping do so, educate them on how to do so, and provide resources to keeping that up.”

Omni Circle’s volunteers mow lawns for veterans, disabled people, single moms and anyone else who can’t do it on their own. The goal is to clean up the community, but volunteers say the motivation to work is much deeper than just overgrown grass.

“Trying to inspire men to step into those roles that we have kind of fallen from doing — protecting the community, cleaning up our community, inspire the community and on down the list,” Walker said. “Everybody has their own jobs that they work and hours that conflict with getting out at certain times, so we just try to make the best hours work.”

The new mowing program is part of Omni Circle’s volunteer initiative, in collaboration with the City of Topeka. Walker and his team of volunteers have already cleaned up 50 yards and counting — and they’ve only been doing it since August 1.

When Omni Circle’s volunteers aren’t mowing individual lawns, they’re out landscaping empty lots around town to keep Topeka looking clean.

“To know that somebody cares about Topeka and abandoned houses if that’s the case like that one, the empty lot,” said Esperanza Sena, Topeka resident. “It’s just nice to not see weeds all the time and overgrown grass and just makes us feel good tat other people care about the community.”

For Walker and his team, it’s positive reactions from neighbors that make the hard work and long hours pay off.

“Getting the response from people out in community — the thanks — it’s inspiring,” Walker said. “It kind of keeps me going. It gets me excited when it’s time to get out and start mowing lawns even though it’s work and we’re out here sweating in the heat. It’s getting that input back from people in community that’s inspiring for me.”

If you or someone you know needs their lawn mowed, or if you’re looking to contribute as a volunteer, you can find more information on Omni Circle Group’s Facebook page.