While many people were able to go out and make their voices heard Tuesday, a group of students at K-State said their were not due to a mix up with the Riley County Clerk’s Office.

The members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at K-State claimed that the Riley County Clerk’s Office lost 104 voter registration forms they collected through their  voter registration drives.

However, the Clerk’s Office said that they were never turned in in the first place.

Just a day before the election, a student who registered to vote at the fraternity’s registration drive mentioned that he had not received his voter registration card.

That’s when Kemondre Taylor who was in charge of the fraternity’s voter registration drives, checked with the Clerk’s Office only to find out that the forms were nowhere to be found.

Taylor said he turned in the forms to the Clerk’s Office eight days before the registration deadline and that he even went through the forms with an employee.

“We went through the forms and separated the absentee ballot applications from the regular registration forms,” said Taylor. “She said we’ll get these submitted for you and if there’s any errors, she’ll call those people.”

However, County Clerk Rich Vargo said that was not true, and that they have no record of the fraternity turning in any forms that day.

The fraternity’s advisor Brandon Clark said it’s frustrating that the group’s effort to get students involved in the election has turned into something so negative.

“A lot of our students are first time voters,” said Clark. “I didn’t want their first time going through the election process to be a negative experience.”

Taylor said despite the mix up, he’s just happy they were able to get people engaged in this year’s election.