TOPEKA (KSNT) – Tuesday is the deadline to register to vote in the August 2 Kansas primary election. Officials say the decision over whether Kansans should have abortion rights will bring more voters to the polls than usual.

Shawnee County Election Commissioner Andrew Howell says his office has received an onslaught of voter registrations over the past few days. He says the increase is likely due to the Value Them Both Amendment question on the ballot.

“That question is actually available to all voters. So every voter, regardless of party, will at least get that.” Howell said. “So I would encourage people, even if you don’t want to vote the party ballot, at least come vote the question.”

If you didn’t make it in time to register at the election office, you can still register on their website until midnight.

Two other election deadlines are quickly approaching. In-person advance voting starts on July 18 and runs until August 1. Voting by mail starts Wednesday and applications are accepted until July 26.