Wamego and Pottawatomie County team up to provide alternate truck routes

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Some people in Wamego said they’re annoyed by large trucks driving through town, but changes are on the way.

A project has been approved allowing the trucks to go around town.

After talking to store owners and people in town, they are excited for the roads to reroute the drivers around the busy areas.

If you stand on Lincoln street in Wamego long enough, you will surely see a large truck or two drive by.

That’s why the city teamed up with Pottawatomie County to come up with a plan to widen some of the streets to divert bigger trucks away from the downtown area.

“That means less of the big trucks coming through which helps with the noise and the roads,” said co-owner of Berner Jewlers Audra Evans. “It keeps the roads better.”

Evans said that trucks drive through the downtown area constantly, so she’s excited to see the city is working to change it.

Truck traffic will be directed off Highway 24 and around the eastern edge of Wamego.

Jack Allston with Pottawatomie County Development said not only will this make it more convenient, it also adds another layer of safety.

“It’s a safety issue and it’s greatly going to benefit the downtown and especially with students walking around the high school which is a main street area in wamego,” said Allston.

The new route gives all drivers an opportunity to avoid driving through the center of Wamego.

Local businesses are not worried the new plan will divert traffic away from downtown.

“It’s not like they’re going to be cut off from going this way, they can still go this way,” said store owner Tracey Bearman. “It will just be another option for them.”

The project will start in April and is estimated to be complete in two years.

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