Warmer weather bringing plants to life sooner


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Warmer weather is bringing more people out of the house and into the garden.

Jackson’s Greenhouse is beginning to get busy, and it’s earlier than years past. Spring-like temperatures are making some plants sprout earlier than normal and drawing people outdoors.

“People are pretty anxious.”

Annette Jackson

“They’re anxious for color, they’re anxious to get their fingernails dirty, they’re wanting to get out there and do something, and of course these temperatures are just perfect for letting them get out there,” said Jackson’s co-owner, Annette Jackson.

Garden stores are warning customers that you have to be careful with certain plants. From perennials to brand-new flowers, it’s important to watch the nighttime temperatures, and have them covered with hay, mulch, or a sheet if it gets near freezing.

“Some of them are starting to peek up, if you’ve covered them, I would encourage you to wait, maybe until about the first of April to get everything cleaned off,” said Jackson. “I know people want to get everything cleaned off, cut everything back, and we might be okay, and then again we might not.”

Jackson said it’s important to cover anything that’s beginning to bloom. She said fruit trees are especially important to cover with a protective spray.

She also said it’s time for many vegetables to be planted, but some eager people are looking for more.

“People that are interested in flowers are starting to look at pansies, maybe a tad bit early, but I keep telling them we’ll have a sheet or something available to cover them with if you need to,” Jackson said.

The warmer weather could be bringing allergies sooner if plants bloom and pollen spreads. It also means you might have to deal with weeds and bugs at an earlier date.

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