TOPEKA (KSNT)- The Shawnee County Courthouse is working to bring real-world experiences to local law students

On May 20, Washburn Law students will take what they’ve learned this year into the courtroom.

They will join forces with the Shawnee County Courthouse to use nine courtrooms for their “Intensive Trial Advocacy Program” mock trials. This program will help students try civil or criminal cases and get feedback from lawyers and judges.

A spokeswoman for the Shawnee County Courthouse says there’s no way to train for trial experiences without a courtroom, so offering up courtrooms that aren’t being used will help these future lawyers in their careers.

“They actually get the experience of being in a courtroom, holding those mock trials in a courtroom,” Shawnee C o. Court Administrator Lea Welch said. “And, it just gives them a great deal of experience and what to expect if they end up being a litigator in their chosen profession.”

Welch says this partnership between the Shawnee County Courthouse and Washburn Law School is invaluable; the court gets interns and law clerks directly from the law school, and the students get real-life courtroom experiences.