Washburn Rural standouts sign letters of intent


Washburn Rural standouts Jordan White, Armahn Downing and Savian Edwards put their names on the dotted line and committed to their future colleges in front of a packed room today.

White will be playing football at Drake next year, Edwards will play basketball at Kansas Wesleyan and downing is headed to Peru State College to hoop as well.

“The 2019 class in general at Washburn Rural is just special in general, when we came into high school, this is what we wanted to do, we wanted to change the culture of what it was when we came here, with the help of these guys what we did in basketball and Savian in football, we kinda changed the culutre so it was special to see that,” White said.

“It felt good, I mean, new home feels good, no more scurrying around, no more visits, pressure relief off the shoulders, it means a lot it, truly does. From football games to basketball games, everyone comes out and supports, it made me feel at home,” Edwards said.

“It feels really good, we didn’t expect people to show out like that…We had a lot of people from different schools, a lot of people that weren’t even related to us, so it felt good. My mom went there for her college, so it’s cool to go to the same school as my mom, but I relaly like the campus and their program and how its going, this year they had a really great year, so I think if i go up there my freshman year, get around a lot of people, i can help make the program even better,” Downing said.  

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