Washburn student in isolation dorm, while awaiting coronavirus test results


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Quinn Leffingwell started his Sophomore year at Washburn just last week.

He said he started feeling sick on Thursday and got tested for coronavirus as soon as he could. While he waits for his results, he is now in isolation in his dorm where students quarantine.

“I woke up Thursday morning with kind of a headache and shortness of breath. I didn’t have a thermometer so I didn’t know I had a fever,” said Leffingwell. “But I woke up and I was like oh no…. I knew I was sick.”

He packed some of his belongings and is now spending all of his time in his new dorm room until he gets his results. If negative, he will be given the OK to leave his room.

He brought his laptop and a few things to keep him occupied while in isolation. He said he knew it was a matter of time before he got sick as he headed back to school.

“I’m not really mad at the University that I’ve contracted it, I kind of expected it at some point,” said Leffingwell. “It just sucks to be in isolation.”

He doesn’t know how long he will have to stay in isolation, so now he is doing his schoolwork online. He is allowed to leave for emergencies if he has to, and someone from the school checks on him to bring him food and any supplies he needs.

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