Washburn University professor quits after sex allegations


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Students and staff at Washburn University are shocked after a professor is accused of having sex with a student. A coworker confronted Sociology professor, John Paul at the end of his class and asked him about a sex scandal with a student. After that, some students overheard the conversation and told their friends. Paul resigned after the allegations spread around campus. A student told the school’s newspaper Paul invited her to his home for private reading sessions — and even made trips to his office for sexual relations.

“I know we’re all in college, but we’re still kids compared to these professors,” Washburn University student, Samantha Abendroth said. “It just seems inappropriate.”

Washburn student, Mark Feuerborn broke the story in the Washburn review. He said the student spoke up after reading about the confrontation in the school paper.

“She was not the only one this had happened to,” Feuerborn said. “There were faculty and students that he had been involved with.”

A school spokesman released a statement saying:

“The university’s policy is to not discuss personnel matters involving any university employee so there isn’t anything further that I can share about that,” University Relations Department, Patrick Early said.

Students said Paul was a well-liked teacher. He taught at the university for thirteen years. However some say this incident has them concerned about what future students may think of the school.

“Washburn University will stand tall and act efficiently about it,” Washburn University student, Aldrick Scott said.

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