TOPEKA (KSNT) – Country Stampede is back in Topeka, marking the third time Top City has hosted one of the biggest country concerts in the state. 

This weekend’s festivities kicked off with a pre-party, including performances from Drew Parker and Colt Ford. Early campers were able to pretend Wednesday’s concerts, and those individuals represent just a few of the thousands who are expected to be in town this weekend. 

“Country Stampede averages about 20,000 people a day,” said Shelby Ebert of Country Stampede Marketing. “There are years that are better than that, which is amazing. We’re expecting a really large crowd this weekend — we’re hoping for that. We’re excited for everybody to come out and see what we’ve got going on.” 

Country Stampede isn’t one of the only things happening this weekend. Fiesta Mexicana and Evergy Plaza’s Topeka Music Week are also drawing people into town. Such attractions not only brings quite a few people to Topeka, but it brings more revenue to local businesses and the city as a whole. 

“You’ve got tens of thousands of people booking rooms at local hotels, they’re spending money at local restaurants, they’re, you know, contributing to the revenue of local attractions, so the impact is significant,” said India Yarborough, Communications Manager for the Greater Topeka Partnership. “And of course, you know, it could be different for every business, but we know it’s great.” 

Some of the businesses benefitting from this weekend include local vendors, who are taking their stands to these attractions. Judy Heimer started “Just Nuts” in 1995, so she and her husband are used to setting up shop at different locations throughout the summer. However, she says it’s an honor to be part of something as large as Country Stampede. 

“We only do 14 shows a year, so we’re off lots of times, but to come to something as spectacular as this — it’s definitely worth it,” Heimer said. 

Local Topekans as well as visitors from all over the country are getting ready for the fun and festivities that Topeka has to offer this weekend. Topeka Music Week has been going all week long and ends on Saturday, while Fiesta Mexicana takes place on Thursday. Country Stampeded officially starts Thursday and lasts until Saturday.