White, blue fingers may mean more than a sign of cold weather


Cold, and white fingers and toes may be more serious than you think.

Raynaud’s Syndrome is a disorder that causes parts of the body, mostly fingers and toes, to turn white when it’s cold outside. Small arteries in the fingers and toes begin to narrow, limiting blood circulation. The syndrome can be triggered by cold weather, but also stress.

The sydrome is actually common. A local doctor said up to 15 percent of the population has Raynaud’s, and it is more common in women.

Raynaud’s can be easily treated by wearing more layers and keeping the core body warm. But if not treated correctly, and in time, it could cause a problem.

“It is a vessel that is constricted,” said Dr. Cindy Rodriguez, Cotton O’Neil Rheumatologist. “So there’s not a lot of blood flowing. So if you don’t correct this at time, you can develop ulcers because you’re not getting enough fluid or oxygen into your tissues.”

The Raynaud’s Association said colors in the finger can mean different things. If your finger tips are white, it means the blood is flowing away from the area. If they are blue, it’s a sign there is a lack of oxygen. Red finger tips are a sign the blood vessel is opening back up.

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