White supremacist flyers found at K-State


MANHATTAN, Kan. – (KSNT) Students arrived to racist flyers taped around Kansas State University’s campus Wednesday morning.  Senior Jonathan Cole took pictures of some of the flyers before taking them down.

Cole said he was angry about the flier’s white supremacist messages that advocate for less racial diversity in America. Cole is strongly against ethnic and racial discrimination.

“Why are you attacking someone that’s a different color than you or a different background than you?” he asked about the people who put up the flyers.

One flier read “20% of polled U.S. Muslims said terrorist attacks against civilians are justified in some cases.” The flyer continued its anti-immigration message by asking “How many is too many?” in reference to Muslim immigrants.

Another flyer had a picture of a white family above the words “We have a right to exist.” The statement “Diversity means less white people,” appeared above the picture.

Courtesy Jonathan Cole

The university removed the flyers because they were posted where flyers are not allowed. The Kansas State University Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Jeff Morris, said the people who posted the flyers did not go through the proper channels to distribute the literature.

“We have very strict policies about where people can post things, and a process to go through to get things posted in approved places on campus,” Morris said.

He said the flyers would be allowed if a group asked permission to post them in the designated flyer area.

“These do not represent our values,” Morris said on behalf of the university. “At the same time we respect the right of free speech. We are a public university and people have a right to express their opinions.”

The flyers follow an incident in May where someone hung a noose from a tree on campus. Many believe the noose was in reference to lynching, as it happened after someone hung bananas from nooses at American University in Washington.

In September 2016, two Kansas State University students sparked national outrage by imitating blackface with facial mud masks in a viral Snapchat post.

Morris said the school does not believe any of the events are related.

Kansas State Student Body President and Vice President sent out the below statement on Twitter.

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