Witness sheds light on what happened the night 3 were killed


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The preliminary hearing for the triple murder that happened on March 12, 2017 took place Monday at the Shawnee County Courthouse.

Matthew Tilton, the boyfriend of 38 year old victim Nicole Fisher, was the first witness to talk about the events that unfolded on the night three people were killed.

Tilton told the court that he and Fisher went to the home at 115 NW Grant St. that was owned by Kora Liles.

Tilton confessed to Joseph Lowry’s defense attorney, Jennifer Chaffee, saying that he and Fisher went to the house to use meth.

He told the court that after waiting to get the drugs, he wanted to leave because he was tired, but Fisher did not. He said he left the home, while Fisher stayed at the house in the basement.

Tilton testified that Fisher had about 20 Xanax she wanted to trade for meth. About an hour after Tilton had left the home, he said Fisher called him saying she wanted to leave and go to his house in Oskaloosa.

Tilton said he didn’t want to drive back to the house in Topeka because he had just gotten home so he called his friend Matthew Leavitt.

Tilton said he offered Leavitt $35 to pick up Fisher and drive her to his house. He said Leavitt agreed to pick her up, asking if he could bring his “best friend” with him. At the time, Tilton said didn’t know who Leavitt’s best friend was, but said he later learned it was Shane Mays.

Tilton told the court that he called Fisher to let her know that Leavitt would be picking her up and that Leavitt asked her to be waiting for him outside. Tilton said Leavitt told him that he didn’t want to go into the house, but Tilton said he never asked why he didn’t want to go inside.

He said he was waiting for a phone call from Leavitt saying they were on their way to his house, but he never got one. Tilton tried to call Leavitt and Fisher, but never got in contact with them.

Tilton said when he went to find where Fisher was, a neighbor told him they heard on the police scanner that three bodies had been found in the North Topeka house. He said he immediately thought that the odds of one of them being Fisher went straight through his head.

Tilton told the court that Flowers was always bragging and waving around his gun. He said Flowers thought he was, “Mr. Tough Guy” and, “Mr. Mobster.”

This preliminary hearing is ongoing and will continue to be updated.

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