Woman dies after metal drinking straw enters eye, pierces brain


BOURNEMOUTH, England (KSNT) – A woman died after a freak accident involving an eco-friendly straw.

Elena Struthers-Gardner reportedly died after she collapsed in the kitchen at her England home in November 2018. Authorities announced this week she had suffered fatal brain injuries and that her death was accidental in nature.

Struthers-Gardner was carrying a mason-jar style drinking glass with a screw-top lid and sipping from a metal drinking straw, according to the report. When she fell, the 10-inch straw went through her left eye socket and pierced her brain.

Her wife, Mandy Struthers-Gardner, found her face down on the floor making “unusual gurgling sounds.” She was rushed to the hospital and died the next day.

The death has led coroners to warn people against using metal drinking straws with lids that fix them in place.

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