TOPEKA (KSNT)– One young woman from Topeka High School is making a difference in the community after winning a Character Challenge in her school district.

The “Character Challenge” took place via Tik Tok and was meant to promote kindness and inclusiveness amongst students in the district.

Jada Fulton picked up her phone and made the winning Tik Tok, which awarded her $500.

“Honestly, I’m really excited. It makes me feel really good just because I got to help someone here at Topeka High,” Fulton said.

After winning, Jada decided to donate her proceeds to the “One Heart Project”- which focuses on giving second chances to kids who have gone through the Juvenile Corrections System. Whether it be providing them housing, or giving them a mentor, One Heart helps these kids get back on their feet.

“I feel like a lot of times these kids get overlooked and people don’t really care to fund things like that. So I felt like it was important for me to give those kids a chance. “

About an hour before Fulton was surprised with her check, the One Heart Project found out about the donation Fulton was going to make to their organization. Brenda Wagemaker, the program coordinator for One Heart Project, said she was shocked and excited that Fulton knew about their organization.

“To see that the word is getting out and that it’s a need and that people are inspired to want to come along and help, ” Wagemaker said.

Fulton plans on using the money to help support One Heart’s newest housing operation here in Topeka. She wants to use the money to help enhance the game rooms at the new group home for young men so that they can have a comfortable and inviting place to unwind after the day.