Your water bill could be increasing


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – City officials are considering raising your utility bill for the next 3 years.

City officials are requesting a 6 percent increase for 2018. For the average person who uses water that would equal an extra $4.10 on your bills.

The city is also requesting a 5 percent increase for 2019 and another 5 percent increase for 2020. Most of the fee increases will go towards upgrading infrastructure. Utility director, Bob Sample said water main breaks wouldn’t be as frequent with a rate increase.

“We’re averaging about 530 water main breaks a year,” Sample said. “Obviously, if we had the funds, we could replace those water mains before they were out and started breaking.”

City officials will take their information City Council on December 12th. Councilmembers will take action on the December 19th.

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