YWCA discusses the dangers of sex trafficking in Topeka


Leaders with the Topeka YWCA organization say sex trafficking is becoming a bigger issue in Topeka.

A spokeswoman for the department said in 2018 alone the YWCA helped over 100 victims of trafficking in the area.

Michelle McCormick is the program director for the YWCA and spoke to the public on Wednesday about the problem of sex trafficking and what they should know.

She discussed how in most cases the victims know the people who abuse them.

She wants to change people’s perception and how they think it happens.

“I would say that the things you see in the movies is not what we are seeing here in Topeka so that might be part of the problem and part of the work we have here is to educate folks is that it’s not what you’ve seen sot of the Hollywood version of this is not what we are seeing here,”  said McCormick.

Wednesday’s meeting was mainly to inform the public about the dangers of sex trafficking. The group does have meetings with law enforcement as well so they can work together to stop sex trafficking in Topeka.

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