ZOO AND YOU: Topeka Zoo showing off new lion feature at Camp Cowabunga


The weather is getting warmer here at the Topeka Zoo and a new feature is letting people get up close and personal with the kings and queens of the animal kingdom.

“As things continue to warm up we’ll be busier and busier. The animals are going to be more and more active,” said Topeka Zoo director Brendan Wiley.

While the lions are on display for everyone to see, Wiley says the zoo staff is able to use a slide-a-way door to help the lions keep up on their healthcare.

“With lions we do voluntary blood draws, blood pressures, ultra-sounds, all sorts of different things,” said Wiley. “This door, this type of setting gives us the opportunity to show guests some of that training that occurs here.”

The lions are on display everday at Camp Cowabunga at the Topeka Zoo. Click here for a closer look at the exhibits in Camp Cowabunga.

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