‘A really special experience’: WPD officer helps 72-yr-old woman mow lawn

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Acts of kindness happen everyday, and this week, one happened in Wichita.

It all started in south Wichita, and ever since, the police officer’s act, is going viral.

A 72-year-old woman says she just starting to mow her yard this week, when the surprise of a lifetime happened.

Off south Walnut street in Wichita.

“Okay here I go,” said Pat Gonzales, Wichita.

You may see Pat Gonzales in her front yard.

“Just going to go down the middle,” said Gonzales.

The 72-year-old says, she enjoys cutting the grass, but some days it can be tough. She says she has scoliosis and is on oxygen at times, especially when it’s humid.

“It’s hot,” said Gonzales.

It’s kind of how it was last week, but to her surprise, a stranger helped her finish the yard.

“He mowed, and mowed, and when my neighbor came back, well the policeman wasn’t really quite finished, he had another row or two he wanted to do,” said Gonzales.

It was Wichita Police Officer Josh Lewis from patrol south. Pat says Officer Lewis told her he saw her mowing on his way to get gas, and wanted to stop and help.

He told us, he would hope someone would do the same for his loved one. It’s an act Pat says she’s forever grateful for.

“He was just really wonderful, you know, just friendly, nice attitude just, and he was off work, he could have gone home and relaxed, maybe, but he didn’t,” said Gonzales.

Pat says she’s done with interviews, but the story will surely live on.

“Just a really special experience, and I don’t plan on being on TV anymore about it, but I will be telling people,” said Gonzales.

The photo has been posted online and it has thousands of shares and comments. Officer Lewis says he just wanted to pay it forward.

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