Newsfeed Now: Can CWD jump from deer to humans?; Corporal punishment in MS schools debate

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On Newsfeed Now for Feb. 20, there’s a growing concern that Chronic Wasting Disease, a deadly brain disease in deer, could possibly spread to humans. WKRN’s Stephanie Langston reports from Tennessee. In the studio, we have Trey Reid from the Arkansas Game and Fish to discuss concerns. 

Up next, there’s a heated debate in Mississippi about whether corporal punishment in schools is doing more harm than good. WJTV’s Lanaya Lewis talks with Mississippi school officials about what they are seeing. 

From Louisiana, KLFY’s Dalfred Jones introduces us to a woman who is trying to figure out why her deceased mother isn’t in the right casket and why the tomb is still above ground, two months after the funeral. 

And finally, Tennessee lawmakers are taking a second look at a bill that charges mothers with assault if their babies are born addicted to drugs. One lawmaker says the bill is about rehabbing rather than punishment. We talk with WRKN’s Chris Bundgaard about the proposal. 

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