Shorter than average TX basketball player makes big splash on social media

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CUSHING, TX (KETK) – For years the small town of Cushing has been proud of their basketball teams and lately, one player has made them even more proud.

Basketball player Reese Turner became a local celebrity overnight after his highlight reel went viral. 

“People still say I couldn’t but I just try to go out there and prove them wrong,” Turner, the four-feet-tall junior, said. “You know just kind of do my thing and not worry about what people say.”

Turner cut his own highlight reel and uploaded it to Instagram.

Shortly after, one like became 10, 10 became 100 and 100 became 1,000 and in doing so it put little old Cushing on the map.

“Eventually MaxPreps got a hold of it and they were like ‘hey can we use this to feature you?’ and I was like sure. Then, sure enough, all these people kept liking it and retweeting it,” said Turner.

Other players have no problem standing in the background while their teammate sits in the spotlight.

“He’s like a brother to me so it was very heart-warming and we support him on and off the court,” said C.J. Mays, a Junior at Cushing High School. “Most people like that don’t want to play basketball they just, people treat them differently.”

But Reese Turner isn’t most people.

“He stays after almost every practice, shoots, makes sure he gets everything down,” said Jeremy Tamez, Turner’s coach. “I think it’s pretty amazing to see somebody put that much dedication into something getting seen by everybody out there.”

With the views continuing to climb, Turner has a message for those who think they can’t chase their dreams.

“Look at me,” he said. “I mean I’m not tall enough, fast enough, strong enough but yet I still go out there and I still give it 100 percent at whatever I do. Live up to your dreams and don’t let anybody else destroy your dreams.”

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